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Newest Features in BESTMIX Recipe Management

by Kathleen De Badrihaye
13 Apr 2018


Adifo is known for being an innovative software partner in the international nutrition industry. We are constantly improving and developing our BESTMIX Software, with both the help of our consultants and the input of our users around the globe. This allows us to release 1 or 2 new versions of BESTMIX® each year. Every new release offers new features and benefits. Here are some highlights of what’s new in the latest release of BESTMIX Recipe Management, version 3.33:

1.    Assigning a customer to recipes

Quite often a new recipe is development for a specific customer. All recipes of a specific customer can be grouped by creating recipe sub groups. A multitude of groups and sub groups can affect the performance upon retrieving recipes.

In BESTMIX Recipe Management 3.33 assigning customers to a recipe is now a standard feature and the user experience has been improved.

An additional advantage is the possibility to grant access to users for specific recipes by assigning customers to user

2.    Monitoring variation of nutrient values from ingredients to recipes

When it comes to developing recipes with precise nutrient values, it is of interest to take into account the nutritional variability in the ingredients as provided by the suppliers. Using ingredients with high nutritional variability will increase nutritional uncertainty at recipe level.

Working with Lower and Upper Limits at ingredient nutrient level will improve the insight in the nutritional variation at recipe level. These Lower and Upper Limits can be used as applied min-max values for regulatory compliance.


3.    Identifying ‘Processing aid’ substances

Processing aid substances are not expected to be declared in the consumer declaration, unless the substance contains an allergen. Removing a processing aid used to be a manual task that had to be repeated during creation of a product specification. To make the management of processing aids easier and less time-consuming, we’ve added the option to mark declaration groups as processing aid. This can be done at 2 levels:

  • In the ingredient: in case the component is always a processing aid3.1.png
  • In the recipe: in case the component is only a processing aid when used in that particular recipe


At the creation of the product specification, the processing aids are removed from the List of Ingredients, unless it contains an allergen. The allergen can be marked in 3 ways:

  • Allergen is assigned to the declaration group
  • The checkbox ‘Highlight in declaration’ is checked
  • There is a highlight character in the description of the declaration group marking the allergen