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It’s All About Improving Efficiency in Quality Control

by Paul Smolders
11 Apr 2018

 When you work in the feed and food industry, you are responsible for the quality of the products you deliver to the next party in the supply chain. This means you have to monitor the quality and compliance of the raw materials at intake, the half products at production and the finished goods delivered to your customers. All this comes at a cost. This is why it is key for you to be effective and efficient in quality control.

Delivering qualitative goods is a differentiator today

Farmer_GrainTo stand out, you will need to apply risk assessment and implement the quality control plan for your processes, from intake to delivery of goods. In practice, this will determine the number of samples you will need to take at the different stages of the production, storage and delivery of goods. Your quality control process generates a huge amount of data that has to be processed and evaluated with regards to control limits.

For your company, it is vital to get the data processed and evaluated as soon as possible and filtered for the information you need. No one wants to scroll through pages full of irrelevant data. The next challenge is to learn from all this data, enabling you to continuously improve your processes.

Here are some best practices for efficient and effective quality control:

  • Centralize all you QC data in one database
  • Let your logistic software generate the samples (i.e. ERP, MES, Warehouse software)
  • Define your sampling plan once
  • Automate the application of your test schedules
  • Automate the evaluation of outliers and warning of stakeholders
  • Use data from all your data sources for analytics and dashboards

 With the BESTMIX® LIMS software, you can apply those best practices. This software provides you with a series of automated communication options with ERP systems, production software, service laboratories and NIR instruments.

If you're curious about how we can help you improve efficiency, please feel free to contact us today for a chat.