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BESTMIX® Software supporting COFCO’s innovative strategy

by Jens Pyck
02 Mar 2018

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Animal feed producer COFCO Feed and IT partner Adifo software are proud to announce the start of a long and fruitful partnership. By implementing the professional feed software tools BESTMIX® Feed Formulation and BESTMIX® LIMS, COFCO Feed is seeking to play out to its competitive advantage.

The software package allows COFCO Feed Co to manage all formulas from within a central unified database, all while accurately managing their quality data. This framework was set in place to help drive product innovation, at the lowest possible cost.

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“I very much recognize the capabilities, enthusiasm and dedication of the Adifo staff in China, & I feel good about the local team at this moment. Regarding the implemented products, the feedback is very good as well; and I very much believe it can add value to the feed industry. by implementing BESTMIX® Feed Formulation Software and and Adifo’s Quality Managment Service “BESTMIX® LIMS”, we basically implement smart factories and improved the managements efficiency.” - Dr. Jiao Peng, Technology Department at COFCO


Since its establishment in 2009, COFCO Feed provides farmers with quality, safe, and efficient feed products. With advanced equipment and advanced formulation as their driving force, COFCO Feed has quickly solidified its position as one of China’s leading agricultural enterprises. COFCO Feed firmly believes in the importance of quality control, and promotes the use of BESTMIX LIMS as THE industry standard. COFCO Feed employs more than 3,000 employees and produces about 3 million tonnes of feed annually.


COFCO Feed Co. seeks to establish a unified database within an integrated recipe system. The company ultimately aspires to facilitate a centralization of technical resources in order to improve internal communications.


Adifo’s feed formulation software BESTMIX® ensures ‘least-cost’ formulas through its advanced formulation functionalities. Additionally, BESTMIX® LIMS provides COFCO Feed Co. with a highly accurate quality management system.

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“We believe that professional feed software tools, accurate quality data management and a rich experience in technological and resource support will lead to faster and more efficient customer service and to a constant enhancement of our product innovation.” -  Ms. Tang Shi, LIMS supervisor at COFCO


Advantages BESTMIX®

     • A centralized database adding to COFCO’s competitive advantage
     • Value driven feed formulation
     • An IT-partner with lots of sector knowledge
     • Implementation and support by the local China team of Adifo software
     • Excellent project management and project implementation
     • Clear, simple and intuitive operation interface
     • Increased efficiency and excellent running speed