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BESTMIX® Formulation as a Service: What is new?

by Peter De Letter
10 Apr 2018

Being efficient is great. Offering precise nutritional modelling predictions into your ration results at the same time is even greater. With the new FaaS release 1.19, the concept of general mixes has been added to the software. It allows to automatically send BESTMIX Core plant formulations of premixes, concentrates and complement feed to the cloud database as general mixes. These can be either locked (for proprietary reasons) or open for the ration advisor and are immediately ready to be used for FaaS ration formulation. FaaS users will not only accomplish a more streamlined workflow, but they also get to a more precise NRC or CNCPS model evaluation since the individual components of each premix, concentrate or complement feed are taken into account during the optimization and model evaluation.

A great addition to ration balancing and recipe formulation tools, is the ability to compare each optimization result during a ration or recipe change session. In the recipes, concentrates or rations, the FaaS tool will save each optimized result. The user can go to the compare result screen to see where and when changes in the resulting optimization result are present. Pricing and composition can be compared for each optimization step.

For more new features and great additions in release 1.19, check the full release notes on our customer portal here.