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4 reasons to visit Adifo at VIV China 2018 – booth 06.M046

by Bea Van Deynse
03 Jul 2018

Adifo is proud to inform you about its newest formulation software, quality management software and ERP.  Check out how innovative tools can make your feed mill more successful.



1. Excellence in feed formulation

Adifo has been a major player in the Feed Formulation Software business for more than 40 years with more than 600 customers in over 60 countries worldwide. Our BESTMIX development team is proud to announce a lot of interesting innovations and the corresponding advantages for the formulation industry. Here are just a few of them:

  • Increase compliancy and avoid recalls: Fulfill marketing claims (non-GMO, grain-free …) from formulation until declaration in a very flexible way.
  • Boost your MRP efficiency: react to market fluctuations correctly and purchase the right quantities of raw materials at the right time.
  • Accelerate your recipe design: Start from one level bill of material and break down in multiple levels to reflect different production stages via easy mix & un-mix functions.
  • Dynamically monitor the quality: Security checks make it possible to dynamically check on the quality of newly created products inside the formulation tool. If certain requirements are not fulfilled for certain types of recipes, the creation of that product is blocked.
  • Easy control of your recipe constraints: Constraint push and pull actions make it possible to exchange and copy constraints from compound to compound or from model (e.g. legislation) to compound. This makes it very easy to manage relations between formulas. This way, the same formula in different plants can use the same basic set of constraints (e.g. medicated feeds can use the same constraints as their base formula, in addition to their own).

Want to know more? Come by our booth at VIV China, check our webinar recordings on the latest versions of BESTMIX feed formulation or contact us at sales@adifo.com

2. Create compliant labels for your feed products

Generating legally compliant labels for your feed products is very time consuming. Lots of different legislative obligations and commercial interests need to be taken into account when generating the labels that will accompany your feed product.

Unlike most other formulation solutions, BESTMIX® Feed formulation can manage, generate and print labels at the click of a button. Users can create legally compliant labels that are in line with your organization’s marketing requirements, automatically and worry-free.

Click here for more info on Adifo’s Labeling solution

3. Cloud-based ration calculation, precise feeding advice

  • Improve your customer service: Consultants and sales managers can provide customers with feed and ration advice using accurate and minute-precise information
  • Increase your potential: The new  “One Tool – MultiModel/MultiSpecies”- concept combines ration calculation and feed optimization in a single tool.
  • Reach out to multiple stakeholders: The BESTMIX Formulation as a Service  (FaaS) platform introduces a new way of working, dramatically improving the collaborative interaction between all stakeholders in your company’s value chain.
  • No worries implementation: the solution eliminates the need for setting up and maintaining dedicated laptops for account managers and consultants. Adifo backs up the encrypted data and updates the software continuously so you can focus on what you do best.

4. Improved efficiency in quality control

  • Save time and avoid errors: Remove the risk of personal files and enjoy the benefits of one central shared solution with all your quality data.
  • Be more efficient by automating your processes of quality control: Avoid manual activities and get real-tima information.
  • Exploit the value of your quality data: Make sound decisions and improve your processes.
  • Start small, expand as your business needs grow.

BESTMIX Quality Control software  – Designed for efficient quality control

Come and visit our booth 06-M046